911’s deadly flaw: Lack of location data

“In an era when your mobile phone can tell Facebook, Uber or even video games where you’re located – with amazing accuracy – 911 operators are often left in the dark.”

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Defining “Fully Involved”.

When young firefighters/officers/first on scene, speaking over the radio, have trouble differentiating over “fully involved” vs smoke showing or fire out one window, please refer to this picture.


Let’s discuss this? Do we have exposure problems? Hard to tell from a one sided picture. Do we really need to call in a dozen tankers from surrounding towns (robbing them of their resources) for a structure that is already a total loss?

Situational Awareness Matters!™: The Mayday Channel

Situational Awareness Matters!™: The Mayday Channel

When training firefighters on mayday procedures you should create conditions that resemble the real-life environment they will face during a mayday event. However, it will be near impossible to evoke the kind of stress response a firefighter will experience when they are in fear for their life. The stress will be intense and under such conditions the brain will be in survival mode. Under these conditions the responder may struggle to remain composed. It may not be reasonable to expect the responder will remember to change the radio channel.