911’s deadly flaw: Lack of location data

“In an era when your mobile phone can tell Facebook, Uber or even video games where you’re located – with amazing accuracy – 911 operators are often left in the dark.”

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Passion For The Job

This is excellent!

The First Due Day Room

How to inspire pride, ownership, responsibility, and leadership in the Fire Service.

By Nick Miller

Do you look forward to the next tour? Are you eager to run that next alarm? Or are you a kind of person who can’t wait to get away from the job for a couple of days? You spend 24 hours a day at the firehouse at least two to three days a week. That is 42% of your week – almost half. If you are less and less interested in the job, then you are missing something really important in your work life – passion.
Being passionate about your job is more than the old adage, “do what you love”. It’s looking forward to going to work. It’s time flying by when you’re there. It’s working your best on cleaning all the tools and the apparatus, not because your Captain told you, but because…

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How EMT and paramedic students can practice patient assessment

While I don’t normally post about EMS, the article here could easily apply to Firefighter training for Juniors/Explorer’s/Probies/Cadets etc. Take advantage of the wealth of information that is available for free via the internet. Take the time to train or study with your friends who are taking the same classes.

Read here: How EMT and paramedic students can practice patient assessment.