The Disappearing Volunteer Firefighter –

But the ranks of volunteers are dwindling. What was once an iconic part of American life is losing its allure, in part because the work — some would say the calling — is a lot less fun than it used to be.

The Disappearing Volunteer Firefighter –


Firefighting Tactics: The Residential Building: Our Enemy

More on the “Nothing Showing” topic. Check out the pictures of the exterior vs. the interior in the full article.

“My department was dispatched to a reported working house fire. The first-due engine arrived and made the following radio transmission: “Engine 4 arrived, we have nothing showing.” They then requested additional information from the caller. The driver parked the engine directly in front of the house to which they were sent and he and the rider exited. The house was a two-story wood frame residential home elevated approximately 12 feet because of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) regulations for a home in this flood-prone area. The house was under construction and had limited access. The driver and rider met with the caller, who pointed to the house and said, “That house is on fire.” On further investigation they saw a few wisps of smoke coming out from around a window and visualized multiple other windows soot stained and cracked.”

Read the full article here: Firefighting Tactics: The Residential Building: Our Enemy.