Offensive Exterior Operations, a New Approach

Traditions extend into our tactics as well, as many traditional methods of operation are passed down from generation to generation. Occasionally, a progressive instructor—perhaps deemed by some to be “over-energetic”—will attempt to influence a recruit with a new approach, only to have their fact-based ideas overturned on the fireground by a die-hard, traditionalist officer who explains their reasoning using the well-known logic, “Because that’s the way we’ve always done it.”

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Situational Awareness Matters!™: The Mayday Channel

Situational Awareness Matters!™: The Mayday Channel

When training firefighters on mayday procedures you should create conditions that resemble the real-life environment they will face during a mayday event. However, it will be near impossible to evoke the kind of stress response a firefighter will experience when they are in fear for their life. The stress will be intense and under such conditions the brain will be in survival mode. Under these conditions the responder may struggle to remain composed. It may not be reasonable to expect the responder will remember to change the radio channel.

Three Stony Hill members honored for their combined 105 Years of Service

Three Stony Hill members honored for their combined 105 Years of Service

L-R Jay Streaman, Safety Officer Jon Menti, and past Chief Tony Rubino.

Bethel, CT: Three Stony Hill Volunteer Fire Department members were honored for their combined 105 Years of Service.

Firefighter Jay Streaman, Safety Officer and past Chief Jon Menti, and past Chief Tony Rubino each received their 35 Years of Service pins Sunday, May 19, 2013, at the departments annual Memorial Service.

All are still active members of the department.