Hybrid/EV/Extrication guide – FREE NFPA Emergency Field Guide

Thank you Boron Extrication for posting this. “I’m a big fan of free or inexpensive training. The NFPA created an excellent Hybrid/EV/Extrication guide that is free to the fire service.” Warning: 26mb PDF download: https://smoothboretip.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/evfg-15-pdf.pdf Email me at SmoothBoreTip@gmail.com if you want to get it offline. Source: NFPA Emergency Field Guide-2015 Edition – Boron Extrication Advertisements

Fires in Structures with Solar Panels

I came across these two excellent online resources on fires in structures with solar panels. Both are free!: UL Study Recommends Tactical Changes for Fires in Structures with Solar Panels and this one, via Cal Fire, which includes Student Manuals, Lesson Plans, and Power Point presentations for Awareness and Operations level training: Fundamentals of Photovoltaics for the Fire … Continue reading